Aspley Rotary Family

Family really has little to do with blood line, as family are those who pick you up when you’re down, and encourage you to achieve things not possible on your own.

The cornerstone of the Aspley Rotary Family is your local Rotary Club, and it is here where real and positive outcomes can, and are, being achieved to benefit a wide range of people within our community.
Our activities focus on benefiting those in need in our chosen space, along with the youth in our community, who through an impressive and comprehensive range of student programmes and activities, are offered education and motivation to bring out the best in our future leaders.

In every community, there are cracks; massive caverns actually, that often get missed by governments & good intentions, and if not for the role played by local service organisations, the world would be a much less desirable place in which to live.

There are indeed many perceptions of what a Rotarian represents, and what is required to become a Rotarian, but in reality, it really comes down to just three things.
Do you have a good heart, do you like to help people, and finally, do you like to have fun? True networking in Rotary is all about having fun and meeting new people, often forging new friendships that will last a lifetime.

The Aspley Rotary family is far more than Rotarians working toward better outcomes for those less fortunate in our community. Our family consists of members, friends, part time volunteers, and of equal importance, the much-appreciated companies and organisations who support the work we do, enabling considerably greater outcomes than could be otherwise achieved. These organisations continue in their own ways to support our activities, more often than not unheralded for their support, but continuing to add to our ability to serve the community.

It is the melding of all these groups of people, in all walks of life, who share a passion and desire to help make our community, be it local or further afield, a better place to live.
Regardless of your circumstances, if you would like to join us in helping mend the world, one bit at a time, there are certainly opportunities available to you in your local Rotary family.
You can contact us through this web site for more information regarding the range of purposeful ways you can make some new friends, and put some smiles back on the faces of those who need a helping hand.